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STOP worrying about debt.

STOP worrying about debt.

So many of us spend more than we make. So many of us convince ourselves that financing our lifestyle with credit cards and lines of credit is okay. We keep telling ourselves that we will catch up one day. It is really no big deal anyways. Everyone is doing it and they appear to be okay.


We keep going and going until one day we realize that we don’t even make enough money each month to make the minimum payments anymore. We start robbing peter to pay Paul but eventually that stops working as well.


Now what? Are we worried? Should we be worried?


You should be worried to a point, but only if the worry forces you to make changes.


But here’s the thing – often times we worry ourselves sick about our debt, literally, but never make any significant changes.


We lie awake at night and worry:


  • about losing everything
  • about possibly becoming homeless
  • about our family and friends finding out, and so on.


Call us today and leave the worrying to us!


Practice Areas

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides relief for people struggling with unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, medical debt, business debt and tax debt.  Approximately four months after filing a case, the client receives a discharge order, wiping clean their obligation to repay unsecured debts.  Chapter 7 is a powerful tool to alleviate the pressure on borrowers from collection calls, letters, lawsuits, judgments, and garnishments.  | Read More

Chapter 13

For some clients, Chapter 7 is either unavailable or not appropriate.  For those clients, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers an alternative for protection from creditors.  A Chapter 13 case enables clients to repay their debt in part or in full over up to five years by proposing a plan approved by the Bankruptcy Court.  A Chapter 13 case may be the best solution for our clients to: 1) catch up past-due mortgages and vehicle loans; 2) retain assets that would otherwise be taken by the Bankruptcy Court in a Chapter 7 case;  and 3) repay, in a controlled and orderly manner, debt that can’t otherwise be eliminated in a Chapter 7 case.  | Read More

Bankruptcy Litigation

Our bankruptcy practice is not just about representing debtors in bankruptcy cases. Debtors, creditors, and third parties can all find themselves either as plaintiffs or defendants in “adversary proceedings,” lawsuits that are connected to pending bankruptcy cases. | Read More

Bankruptcy and Taxes

Many Alabama individuals who owe back taxes assume that bankruptcy will not provide relief from collection action by the IRS or the Alabama Department of Revenue. In reality, liability for unpaid income taxes can in many cases be greatly reduced or even wiped out in bankruptcy cases, providing relief to debtors who thought they may never escape their unpaid tax burden. | Read More.

Foreclosure and Mortgage Issues

In the current recession, more and more homeowners are finding themselves unable to keep their house payments current.  Unpaid mortgages result in default and foreclosure, which are extraordinarily stressful for homeowners and their families.  Bankruptcy can be an effective tool to stop foreclosures, giving homeowners time to explore their options.   | Read More